Customer Validation for Banks

A start-up bank wishes to lead a mobile-first strategy, making the mobile device the primary interface.  The challenge is how to verify the customer quickly in real time to ensure a smooth onboarding journey whilst maintaining a secure and frictionless journey, and then to re-establish and maintain security throughout the customer life cycle.



Customer Validation for Insurance Companies

An insurance company is looking to enhance it’s digital strategy but the traditional tools do not adequately support multi-channel and mobile-led experiences or pay-as-you-use services without degrading customer experience.  They need to offer customer-first solutions for a younger millennial generation and maintain a longer lifetime relationship.



Customer Validation for Retail

Online retail is a competitive market with a high acquisition cost.  In order to attract new customers frequently free trials, large initial discounts and ‘cash back’ incentives are often used.  These incentives create value that are exploited by genuine customers to attempt to obtain repeat incentives and by fraudsters to create valuable accounts that can be traded.



Customer Validation for Logistics Companies

Delivery of online purchased goods is growing at an exponential rate.  By combining mobile device data and Network Biometrics™, logistics companies can reduce the number of failed delivery attempts and improve the service to customers