Our Technology



We have developed a series of API solutions that address common customer validation challenges.  Notably SIM Swap, Account Take Over and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). 


We also develop solutions for specific market applications.

Recognising that not all customers are created equal and there are always validation challenges that do not necessarily fit into these common categories, we have developed a number of core products that can be easily integrated to the applications and infrastructure of our customers.

Customer Validation Number Discovery


Number Discovery





Checks a number of validations around the mobile number, SIM card, device and network status. Identifying SIM | Device Swap and preventing Account Take Over.

Customer Validation Number Assurance


Number Assurance



Checks a number of validations around the mobile account owner's identity and standing.  Adding further confidence to Account Take Over protection.

Customer Validation Secure Communications


Assured Communication





Confirmation that it's safe to send or route communications (SMS and voice call) based on preset rules. Especially relevant for PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication.

Customer Location Validation


Contextual Location




Confirmation that a customer is within a defined locality of a nominated or declared address. Limiting fraud, lost goods and false payments.

At Phronesis we merge network-level integration with mobile operators and OpenID platforms - including Mobile Connect from the GSMA - to create actionable insights using our unique Network Biometrics™ and Acidity Score technologies.  Allowing clients to make real-time, informed decisions about their customer's mobile identity.

Customer Validation Platform Architecture


Network Biometrics™

Acidity Score™

Our platform and simple APIs offer an easy and flexible method of integrating to our clients core systems.  Allowing us to rapidly deploy any of our common solutions, or build bespoke applications for specific use-cases with ease.

UK Network Operator Logos

Our partnerships with all the major mobile network operators in the UK mean that we can access some incredibly powerful data attributes about a customer's mobile phone service in real-time - safely, securely and naturally GDPR compliant.  Combined with our business logic and market-wide data sources we understand more about people connecting to services than any other company.

We call this Network Biometrics™ and it gives our clients truly unique, valuable and accurate insights into their customer ecosystem. 

Network Biometrics™ underpin all of our products and solutions and is the primary source of trusted decisions for our clients.

Often our clients need a clear way of making relative and comparative decisions about their customer base.  Whether deciding to approve a loan, registering for a service, making a remote payment or delivering goods to a registered address, our clients need certainty that their customer is genuine. 

We created the Phronesis Acidity Score™ as a simple way of determining the mobile identity risk profile associated with an individual customer - connected to the activity or journey they are following and the critical insights from our Network Biometrics™.  Our clients can choose where the trust threshold (pH balance) should be set dependent on their needs and shared perspectives from our cross-platform deep-learning algorithms.